Abbey Rose – Not Interested

Abbey rose is serving boss bitch energy with a side of attitude in the funky new release “Not Interested”.

The distinctive melodic hook in the chorus is backed up by some real punchy instrumentation, and after first being debuted at the “Not My Problem” single launch, it’s no surprise people have been waiting in anticipation to hear those phat melodys again. 2022 has seen a string of loaded releases from Abbey Rose as she channels complicated feelings around friendship and exclusion through her danceable fusion jazz. Covid presented a clear physical challenge when maintaining friendships, so post-lockdown social isolation stings a lot sharper, and it’s within the observation of these shitty friendships that Abbey has created a powerful and courageous anthem that says “enough’s enough”

‘Not Interested’ is a charged up release that holds bad friends accountable, and reminds listeners that setting boundaries and living free from social toxitcity is the only way to heal and respect yourself- all while doing in in RnB-Rock stylishness

Listen to Abbey Rose on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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