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Grace Sanders

The coolest and best people I’ve met are the ones who are kind, honest,

and unapologetically themselves, so that’s what I’m aspiring to embody.

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Album Spotlight – Austel – “Feathers”

London songwriter Austel has graced her audiences with the meditative new feature-length album ‘Feathers’; a raw collection of poetry and writing that will leave you feeling like you’ve discovered a part of yourself long lost in the turmoil of a tiresome existence. Lets dive straight into the Album, and I encourage you to listen along! […]

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Nia J

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Kaitlin Keegan

I was just so obsessed- I think that’s what it is about music, I’m just so obsessed   I met up with Kaitlin at Archie’s in Fitzroy. She was sitting next to a tote bag full of celery and other greens ‘I saw them and I just had to get them, they just looked too […]