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Grace Sanders

The coolest and best people I’ve met are the ones who are kind, honest,

and unapologetically themselves, so that’s what I’m aspiring to embody.

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Album Spotlight – D’Addio

The self-titled debut album from multi-instrumentalist D’Addio is a wonderfully experimental sonic experience. The artist has spoken of her work declaring the collection as “just love songs”, however I’m inclined to read between the lines of each work, and allow the music to direct my understanding of the message behind each work, so lets dive…

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Nia J

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Kaitlin Keegan

I was just so obsessed- I think that’s what it is about music, I’m just so obsessed   I met up with Kaitlin at Archie’s in Fitzroy. She was sitting next to a tote bag full of celery and other greens ‘I saw them and I just had to get them, they just looked too…