Jade Stanger – The Stranger That Wasn’t Bad

UK singer-songwriter Jade Stanger has released the perfect ‘taxi montage on the way to a love confession at the airport’ kind of introspective indie pop/tack track “The Stranger That Wasn’t Bad”

There is such a clear drive in this song that feels energising and emotional, like a song that helps you release how you’re really feeling, but comforts you in that ambiguity rather than lets you get swallowed by it. Jade’s voice, blended with the angelic ringing of the harmonies and vocal effects, sits so lightly on top of the light grungey foundation made in the bass and guitars. The song comes from a personal place of exhilaration and fear and joy that comes connected with falling in love.”The Stranger That Wasn’t Bad” has such a cinema to the textures and melodies written by Jade, it feels truly injected with all the tumultuous emotions she experienced in this vital period with another person.

Jade Stanger writes from her heart and experiences in a way that feels relatable and also enticing. It’s a challenge not to put the song on repeat just to get that feeling for a second time

Listen to Jade Stranger on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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