Sammi Constantine – Lemonade

Femininity and ferocious prowess are one in the same in Sammi Constantine’s vast musical universe. They Sydney artist isn’t afraid to inject this fascinating cocktail of vulnerability and attitude into all the art she creates. ‘Lemonade’ is the most recent release from the rising sensation, a powerful dark-pop track that harnesses Sammi’s sweet voice, and pairs it with Hans Zimmer- inception adjacent- epic production.

Sammi is a master at harnessing a local support network, regularly reaching out to her fans, and including them in her development process, which makes for an inspiring approach to anyone who is lucky to observe her movements. ‘Lemonade’ is, in part, a symptom of her openness, the tracks release being a direct result of the encouragement and hype of her hand grown community.

The textures and musicality in the charged-up pop anthem are at the high standard Sammi is always creating at, and it becomes yet another powerful piece in her impressive catalog. Sammi’s hard work is a testament to her unyielding character, and her music is a testament to her generous vulnerability; a generosity that pays for it’s self in the form of sick bangers

Listen to Sammi Constantine on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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