Chelsea Warner – Nervous (feat. Emalia)

Sydney soul princess Chelsea Warner couldn’t release a flop if she tried, and has yet again dazzled her hungry listeners with the most delicious slice of RnB we’ve had since love language by Ariana Grande.

‘Nervous’ is actually not how I would describe the confident bad bitch energy of the new Chelsea release that features the lush vocals of fellow vibe-setter Emalia. Perhaps it will service as the perfect soundtrack to mask any jittery feelings amidst a moment of uncontrollable butterflies. ‘Nervous’ showcases a stylish production restraint from Warner, and a real focus on interesting textures to fill the space between the bouncy melodies of the vocal duo.

Forever one-uping herself, Chelsea Warner has really mastered the all-important skill of balance in ‘Nervous’, which is especially clear with the inclusion of Emalia’s slightly more bold vocal performance. You can really see artistry at work when two skilled female vocalists can fully encompass a sonic space in perfect unity with eachother. Big fan.

Listen to Chelsea Warner on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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