Stella Gray – Heart So Cheap

Sydney artist Stella Gray has recently come out with the dynamic and powerful debut release ‘Heart So Cheap’; a tale of self-assurance amidst heartbreak and confusion.

Having soft released various songwriting projects over the last few years, Stella has made a distinct entrance into the music industry with her newest release, holding nothing back and held up by an onslaught of fearless grunge. ‘Heart So Cheap’ reflects those vital moments at the end of a relationship; the feeling that the heartache isn’t quite worth the trouble. “I’m better off on my own” is a sentiment that the lead and backing vocals bring boldly to the forefront of the track’s message, which makes for something quite memorable when paired with the electrifying instrumentation

‘Heart So Cheap’ will be followed by two more releases, the first being ‘Gin’ set to come out at the end of June which is sure to continue making waves for the young artist.

Listen to Stella Gray on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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