Tornsey – I Feel Fine

Grab your Walkman and leg-warmers, because Tornsey is taking you back in time with her eclectic and empowering debut synth-pop track about self-acceptance.

“I Feel Fine” is a bit of a time capsule of some of the greatest production chops from the ’80s, but not without vital modernisation that is necessary to succeed in a 2022 pop landscape. I really enjoy the visual lyricism in this track by Tornsey; “I threw away a polaroid today” really sticks out to me because them shits expensive! The tone of “I Feel Fine” is truly one of putting yourself first in light of broken relationships. The artist’s personal history of moving away from religion and into a self-accepting queer mindset is also a sentiment that isn’t lost on the listener.

Finding yourself, experimenting with what makes you happy, and throwing away expensive polaroids because they hurt to look at, are all vital steps in understanding how to navigate a world of confusion and heartbreak, and thanks to Tornsey, we now have an anthem for it.

Listen to Tornsey on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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