Music Video – Eunice Keitan – “Smoke And Mirrors”

Canadian Indie Soul artist Eunice Keitan isn’t shy to use her funky and anthemic platform to bring awareness our society’s willingness to let media shape our worldview, with her fabulously groovy new release ‘Smoke And Mirrors’. 

With thoughtful juxtaposition of neo-soul rhythm, and traditional Asian instrumentation inspired by her Southeast Asian heritage, ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ has an intricately textured soundscape that feels bold and creative, and Eunice’s vocals sit atop with improvisational and soul-fuelled vocal mannerisms. 

Written amidst this modern era of circulating misinformation, Eunice wanted to write within that space of tension and discourse as we all continue to navigate meaningful conversations in a polarized landscape. Musicially, however, ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ is a finessed and impressive work of neo-soul art, and the Smokey visual motifs with the sheer throw are gorgeous in her dynamic and retro music video. 

Watch the video in all its glory here!

Listen to Eunice Keitan on Spotify and connect with them on Instagram

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