Grace Amos – DECIDE

Breaking into the scene with candid lyricism and powerful vocals is 18-year-old Sydney-based artist Grace Amos, who is here to prove that Australiana is a genre that can exist and thrive in our sunburnt country. 

‘DECIDE’ documents the emotional tornado that occurs when a person develops feelings of same-sex attraction, with the track ultimately coming to a resting place of liberation. The young writer doesn’t hold back with her bold performance on the track, her vocals jumping great heights in her register as the steel slides on the guitars shimmer in the background.  

The melancholic, Kasey Musgraves-esque instrumentation is a perfect backdrop to the explosive emotional content of ‘DECIDE’, and showcases Grace Amos as a vocalist who pours a cocktail of skill and raw vulnerability into her recording process to create something that feels intimately honest

Listen to Grace Amos on Spotify and connect with them on Instagram

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