Tertia – Normal Stuff

‘Normal Stuff’ is the eclectic new release from Tertia out of the UK, which is a track that sounds like what I imagine skipping electrified rocks across a lake would feel like. Tertia is clearly mastering the art of sound design with this otherworldly release, and the seamless coming together of washed-out sythny atmospheres with a twee-like piano motif, makes for a track that is packed with style

‘Normal Stuff’ relays the feeling of comparisons between yourself and a much more stable and ‘normal’ counterpart, which is a theme tied in between her Billie Eilish-like vocal inflections and intimacy. Tertia keeps her writing in perfect balance with the genuinely minimal production instrumentation and focuses on using effective layering and textures to give this release a sense of lightness.

The young Dublin-based instrumentalist is doing something truly unique with this genre blended dream-pop, electronic masterpiece that is ‘Normal Stuff’, and you can only hope that more will be coming out of this powerhouse and incredibly impressive musician

Listen to Tertia on Spotify and connect with her Instagram

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