Melanie Wehbe – Like I Do

Swedish pop-princess Melanie Wehbe is turning back the clock with a release that her younger self could have really benefited from during those confusing adolescent moments. ‘Like I Do’ is a retro-modern power anthem that will have you dancing your way to self-acceptance and self-love.

Acting as the introductory single for her upcoming EP ‘Bloom’, ‘Like I Do’ has the infectious pop hookery that sticks with you for hours after listening. The Swedish artist is a celebrated songwriter, having accumulated accolades for her contributions to Eurovision and Swedish Idol, so it’s no wonder ‘Like I Do’ has such a natural sing-a-long ability to it. The blend of GaGa-esque retroism, with a modern dream pop sparkle really gives Melanie an edge as an artist here to create a thought-provoking but good time.

Music is so much about understanding and documentig your growth, and though Melanie Wehbe wrote this empowering pop track for her younger self, it’s no doubt that ‘Like I Do’ will be a liberating anthem for many.

Listen to Melanie Wehbe on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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