Georgia Hoareau – GIRL

Rising Bedroom-pop star Georgia Hoareau is immortalising her precious adolescence with a catalog of down-to-earth singles about teenage-hood and growing up, her latest addition being ‘GIRL’. The music mainstream is seeing an intense rise of vulnerable and empowering young female writers, and Georgia numbers among them with her open and honest approach to songwriting and expression. 

‘GIRL’ tries to piece together the shattered remnants of a broken relationship, detailing the emotional fatigue and heartache that comes with lost love. The power behind Georgia’s vocal performance is undeniable and really brings home the emotion in the lyrics as she describes the feeling of clinging onto something that is no longer true.

It’s exciting to see such a young artists with a distinct voice and style, and it will be interesting to watch Georgia Hoareau continue to develop her musical stylings, but for you, ‘GIRL’ can be our shoulder to ugly cry on 

Listen to Georgia Hoareau on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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