Though we are cruising into Autumn, as long as the new PENELOPE song ‘Jelly’ is stuck in your head, hot girl summer is far from over.

Jammed with a massive beat and remnants of 2000’s era diva pop, ‘Jelly’ is an anthemic “bitch, please” to anyone who questions authentic and colourful expression. PENELOPE stands as a Bi-con in the Sydney music and entertainment scene, and advocates passionately about the underrepresentation of bisexuality in media. ‘Jelly’ is the kind of song that celebrates those feelings of self-acceptance that are so visceral and bright, that no outsider comments could ever shake that confidence down.

‘Jelly’ is a quintessentially campy, dance anthem;  it’s infectiously fun, and is probably best experienced at a club where the dress code is just glitter paint

Listen to PENELOPE on Spotify and connect with her Instagram

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