Mums Favourite – Primrose

Adelaide never fails to bring Australian rock to the forefront of the global stage, and next in line could be Indie-Rock group Mums Favourite as they blast through the scene with their head-banger ‘Primrose’. The 5-piece up-and-coming group have made waves in the Indie-Rock scene after supporting Teenage Jones in 2019, and have successfully pulled together a single with punch and grit amidst the uncertainty of live music in Australia over the last two years of lockdowns.

‘Primrose’ is an ode to the Shakespearian concept of shallow deception,  and how the enticing path can often be the one that leads you astray, and it’s this sort of sophisticated and theatrical lyricism that elevates Mums Favourite as a collective. Rock has always pushed boundaries and caused a stir, and Mums Favourite feel comfortable in this world of breaking expectations and exposing the performative nature of society in all it’s forms.

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