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Grace Sanders

genre-defying Grace Sanders is an unstoppable music machine, her newest release is an A/B side duology release called […]


It’s not about being perfect. It’s not about impressing anyone or being anyone else. It’s just about expressing […]

Sammi Constantine

“For me, it’s this version of me that’s always there inside, and to write in this dark space […]

Simran Sultana

“I think the sense of community is really important, not only just for growth, but as an artist […]


“Once I started writing it became this anthem of being grateful, rather than feeling sorry for myself” I […]


I’ve had a couple of Ms. D’s tracks on my playlists over the last few months, and have […]


I feel like since the dawn of time people have been writing love songs Archer is an artist […]


There’s so much music out there but there’s also so much music that isn’t out there because musicians […]

Jess Macc

It’s like sticking your hand in the fire, and when it gets burnt you still put your hand […]


It honestly feels like it wouldn’t matter if I had all the money in the world because I […]

Jade Not Jane

I don’t need to get validation from anybody else, I need to get it from myself Lockdown and […]

Kim Yang

I wanted to express how it feels to be so desperate in that kind of situation Kim Yang […]

Le Fleur

It’s not up to POC to educate white people on something they created Though we’re all 50 years […]


For music to touch someone, it has to be written from a place of authentic emotion. I came […]

Sophie Edwards

“The minute you feel respected, you can do so many more things with music“ Sophie Edwards is a […]


Everyone has trauma and everyone has lost someone, which is why I actually think it’s really important to […]

Jade Alice

“Sometimes love can be painful in a relationship, and sometimes that relationship is with yourself” Jade Alice is […]


“Even though the situation around isolation has been really crappy, these small things, these small, really nice things […]


I’ve learned to spend less time worrying about what to sound like, and instead just embrace what is […]


You’re covered in these layers of expectations that you’re born into and they aren’t allowing you to shine […]

Miss Emilia

“You need to change the mindset from ‘I can’t do it’ to ‘how can I learn how to […]


“I have always felt confidence in what my music communicates, even if I have moments where I don’t […]

Krista Monica

“Don’t hide, you don’t have to be someone else“ Krista Monica is an Indonesian singer-songwriter living in Sydney […]


There’s nothing that people respond to better than authenticity when it comes to longevity in your career   […]

Chloe St. Claire

“That whole process of articulating what I was thinking really solidified that time in my life” Chloe St. […]

Chelsea Warner

“if success is a cocktail of chance, skill, and talent, hard work can kind of increase all of […]


  “Music (and art in general) can name feelings that might have been unknown before”   ***This interview […]


“as soon as you start talking about a guy and a girl then listeners think ‘oh this is […]

Sir Jude

With every song you write, and with every experience that you have, it all brings you closer to […]


  Perfect is the enemy of done, but if something isnʼt sitting well with you, then you do […]


I think that the want to do it eventually outweighs the fear of doing it   I felt […]

Jamie-Lee Dimes

We’re kind of addicted to being unhappy and we don’t always realise it   Jamie is a writer […]


That realisation that my feelings will change like the weather was important for me, knowing it’s going to […]


Sandy Hsu

It’s your voice and it’s what you’re born with, and it’s really powerful   This blogject (sorry) has […]


I wanted to find sounds that I could romanticise- that I can think of as being uniquely me […]

Velvet Bloom

We always try and figure out what’s going on in someone’s head and you just never know. Being […]

Essie Holt

I think some of the best lyrics are the ones that I think oo this is gonna hurt- […]


  I realised I don’t want things to be perfect, I want it to be real   I […]

Kaitlin Keegan

I was just so obsessed- I think that’s what it is about music, I’m just so obsessed   […]

Rachel Maria Cox

“There’s usually a seed, like a lyric that starts it all. But it’s not like I plant and water it and wait for it to grow though- I use hydrochloric lights and force it to grow”

Catherine Gunther

  there’s no point putting a façade on anything because people see right through it   I met […]


“Its like I’ve gone to the music supermarket and gotten something from every shelf and put it in […]


I caught Erin between her morning emails and her afternoon rock climbing, where we both enjoyed spiced Chai […]


“Are you serious?? That is so funny!” Jazz laughed when I explained that I found her musical alias […]

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