EP – Isla Rose – No Answers

Fans of Lana Del Ray, Lorde, and raw unabashed honesty are celebrating in light of the powerful debut release from Kentucky native, now London-based indie artist Isla Rose as she unveils ‘No Answers’. The 4-track project is a journey of self-discovery as well as an introduction to a writer who is holding nothing back with her layered production approach and generous lyrical offerings. 

The Drummer-turned-songwriter/producer has a keen ear for balance and rhythm in a way the elevates her project beyond what you expect from standard pop music. Follow me as we dive into the world of ‘No Answers’, and get to know Isla Rose’s deepest ponderings

My Adeline

The opening track of the introspective ‘No Answers’ EP also serves as the debut release from the London-based artist. The sing-songy shape of the main melody paired with the electro-glam of the instrumentation vividly showcases this seamless blend between modern indie-pop and bluesy writing sentiments. The cadence and lyrical approach from Isla is packed to the brim with story and movement, with the chorus having a desperate focus on the key message, “don’t you let me go, don’t let me go my Adeline”. The juxtaposition of verses filled with lush lyricism, and this more restrained approach in the chorus are a great example of building a vivid world, and honing into a specific take away. 

I’m Sorry

Isla injects a visceral and raw power right from the get-go of ‘I’m Sorry’, abandoning all attempts of subtly as her emotional essence feels palpable and intoxicating. The orchestral elements in the instrumentation build up a vast soundscape that is pushed to the limits as the thumping of the drums pulse through the chorus’. I’m Sorry displays more of Isla’s rapid lyricism, as she outlines feelings associated with mental overload. The production here does a great job of reinforcing a high-energy anxiousness with the rumbling rhythms and vast chord voicings, while still endeavouring to not actually overwhelm the listener. A tough balance, but Rose makes it look effortless. 

Let Me Take You

Feeling like an imaginary Taylor Swift and Halsey collaboration with a pinch of Purity Ring gothicism, the third track ‘Let Me Take You’ is arguably the most anthemic of the 4 track bundle. The sweeping synths build a backdrop of layered textures for Isla’s vocals to dance playfully between, the harmonies taking a vital and characterised position that supports her vocals throughout. Isla explains that the track “is about freedom. The ability to do what you want to, without having to conform to the rules of society. It’s about discovering new parts of self, people, and the world around you, all while trying new things, and allowing yourself to be independent from social constructs.” ‘Let Me Take You’ is the kind of vibrant and liberating release you could imagine playing at the climactic point in a coming-of-age drama, the kind of song that makes you want to sprint head first toward your destiny.

Your Eyes

Closing out the ‘No Answers’ EP is the introspective ‘Your Eyes’; a track that has you feeling like you’re floating in the ocean on a starry night, thinking about everything and nothing. The final track is a powerful display of Isla’s vocal range as she effortlessly sits in her low register in the verses, pushes this gorgeous belt in the chorus, and flies up with a delicate intimacy in the bridge. There is a truly cinematic nature to this track, and the production choices are a little more daring, making for a close to the ‘No Answers’ EP that leaves us eager for more from Isla Rose. 

‘No Answers’ is a taster of what Isla Rose is capable of as a skilled writer, producer, and vocalist, and this collection showcases angles of her prowess that reveal much of, but not all of, what she has to offer. Keep an eye on Isla Rose

Listen to Isla Rose on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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