EP – Lily Monaghan – Introspection

The debut EP from Edmonton singer-songwriter Lily Monaghan is a narrative exploration of all the emotions attached to love and heart break. “Introspection” follows the vulnerable moments in navigating relationship, rejection, and connection, and one cannot help but consider there to be a linear storytelling structure within the EP’s 5 track journey.

Let’s dive into the indie-folk bluesy writing of Lily Monaghan, and get a sense of personal journey and “Introspection” via her gorgeous vocal inflections and candid lyricism.

Let Me Kiss You

You’re baking with your partner, flour is everywhere, you’ve just popped the cake in the oven, and now it’s time for a cheeky dance. The syrupy opening track of Lily’s EP is what you should be putting on in this moment, ‘Let Me Kiss You’ is powerful enough to make any moment a romantic one. Its curvy melodies and swaying groove are a backdrop of sweet honeymoon love, with an undertone of uncertainty. “Let me kiss you before you go, the world might end before tomorrow, so, theres no time to take it slow”, existential crisis can do wonders for budding romance.

On Hold

Complacency is the death of romance, and it’s a cruel thing to string along a situation that needed to end a while ago. We find our protagonist, waiting at the metaphorical dial tone, coloured with candid exasperation, tired of begging for the bare minimum. “On Hold” is a lonely waltz that explores the depth of that feeling of being left hanging, ultimately concluding where it started; “I think that it’s time to hang up the line, I’m tired of waiting on hold

Sleeping Alone

The midway point of the “Introspection EP” lands in a brooding folk-focused sonic atmosphere. Stepping further into a lyrically colder landscape, ‘Sleeping Alone’ showcases Lily’s vocal talent and presses harder into her commitment to lyrical honesty. There’s a sense of communal apathy in the bridge section, the lyric “shoot a dead man down” is accompanied by a rich tapestry of blues harmonies.

Security Blanket

Pivoting to a slightly more commercial pop sphere, “Security Blanket” is reminiscent of anthemic indie pop icons like Maggie Rogers and Sara Bareilles. The song is an outstretched arm begging for connection and to be known, all while navigating the delicate emotions tied to vulnerability. Lily’s vocals soar in this track alongside the vibrant pulse of a thick and lush atmosphere created by the instrumental.

Comes and Goes

The biggest display of Lily’s vocal talents is found in the final chapter of the “Introspection” EP, a bold showcase of emotion and acceptance. The EP has been a tumultuous exploration of the journey of relationship, with ‘Comes and Goes’ ending on a note of acceptance of the ambiguity and confusion. There is a real sense of peace with the emotions felt by Lily here, the lyric “don’t you know love comes and goes” cementing the credits-rolling feeling from the instrumentation.

The “Introspection” EP is a stunning debut of Lily’s writing and musicianship talent, as well as a genuine story arc of relationship loss and acceptance. Lily’s ability to weave complex emotions across her EP makes for an experience that leaves you feeling seen, as well as connected to Lily as a writer.

Listen to Lily Monaghan on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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