Katie Wighton – Narcissist

Katie Wighton is an award collecting song writer, and lyrical visionary of the Australian indie-rock scene, her star-studded collaborations having stretched far and wide across the globe. The All Our Exes Live In Texas vocalist and guitarist is holding nothing back with her latest cutting edge release ‘Narcissist’, an ear-worm of a release to soundtrack that paragraph you typed out to your ex.

Wighton’s biting lyricism tears apart the manipulative facade of another; working a delicate balance of standing up for one-self, while also craving common ground and sincere connection. Anyone who has had a relationship with a narcissist will tell you that charisma plays a powerful role in reeling you back in despite the red flags. Katie does a brilliant job of conveying the handover of power that is constantly being juggled back and forth between two people in this situation, touching on one particularly important element in the imbalance: you’ll never have to worry that they’ll call you a whore. This simple observation speaks volumes of the context hidden in-between the lines of Katie’s writing, and the role that sexism plays in the navigation of an unhealthy relationship. 

The instrumentation of Narcissist is a gorgeous play between dynamic highs and lows. There’s a restraint in the verses as our protagonist is putting the dots together, before exploding with confrontation in the chorus’s, really elongating the frustration on the word ‘whore’.

The track is fabulously catchy, and sets up massive anticipation for Wightons upcoming solo Album The End. 

Listen to Katie Wighton on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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