FELONY. – Bag Of Youth

Coming off the back of a huge debut on the Triple J Unearthed-High Yearbook with her massive first release “Anything To Feel Anything”, Brissie writer FELONY. is coming into 2023 strong and bold with “Bag Of Youth”.

Driven by anthemic synths and hard-hitting drums, ‘Bag of Youth’ packs a punch from start to finish. FELONY.’s unapologetic lyrics and fierce delivery make it clear that she’s a force to be reckoned with in the indie rock world.

The spacey-garage rock track explores the confusing online dystopia we all experience as we navigate internet relationships, echo chambers, and confronting diversity, all from the palm of our hand. FELONY. is adamant to communicate that our differences and our distance doesn’t have to fuel a fire of animosity; we can find community through our shared experience of doom-scrolling.

In her own words, “we’re all the same, but your hair is so different to mine. If you wanna piss on a peace sign or give me a good time – I don’t mind.” With this chorus, FELONY. captures the stark and confusing internet experience, being punched by an endless well of heightened emotions that may make us feel numb at the end of the day.

This single marks a crucial step in FELONY.’s career, as she continues to shape her unique sound and vision. With ‘Bag of Youth’, she proves that she’s a rising star to keep an eye on, and as she sets her sights on the future, we can’t wait to see where her music takes us next.

Listen to FELONY. on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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