Lamont – Way Out

Naarm based indie-soul artist Lamont is skipping the awkward first-release stage, and debuting with a track so musically sophisticated you’d think she was 4 albums deep into her career.

With vocals reminiscent of early Laura Marling, Lamont’s dynamic melodic choices dance above neo-jazz instrumentation in “Way Out”, a track that soundtracks growing-up anxiety and the general existential vibes attached to existing in 2023. A key moment for me was the dramatic change at the midway point of this track; Lamont steps away from the drama of the descending melody and chord structure that had you feeling a little unsure of the future, and explodes into a bright B section that holds a more light and more hopeful tone.

Lamont has been writing for most of her life, taking up the craft as a child navigating and understanding their feelings in this big and confusing world, so it’s no surprise this debut release is so refined and well put together. The sonic evolution so clear just within this single track sets up a lot of anticipation for the kinds of music Lamont will continue to put out into the world; music we can be sure will follow the stylish and clever lead we see in “Way Out”

For a small artist from Melbourne, Lamont is making a big impression. Her music is authentic, candid, and undeniably relatable, and it’s clear that she has a lot more to say. Stay tuned for more introspective, and musically brilliant works from the talented new artist.

Listen to Lamont on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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