YARA – Back of the Uber

Fans have been hungry for the next chapter of Naarm soul queen YARA’s discography journey, and she has delivered a feast with her eclectic and sophisticated return in ‘Back of the Uber’.

With instrumentation and production that whispers quintessentially classic-soul sensibilities, YARA modernises her sultry sound with language and sentiment drenched in a colloquial world; highlighting the all-too relatable Uber ride home after a love connection.

YARA has brought so much depth and theatrics to her narrative in ‘Back of the Uber’, brilliantly leaning into the melodrama of casual relationships and the confusion that permeates long after it’s wrapped up. The push from her vocals in the chorus says all you need to know about YARA as a skilled vocalist and performer, and her effortless ability to add texture to her voice to cement her message. Her waterfall harmonies towards the end of the track showcase a clear attention to delicate details in the track, and make for a single that has a lot to offer upon multiple listens.

Her lyricism and melodic decisions stay dynamic and interesting throughout the delicious 5 minute release; not an easy task in a quick-pop landscape! YARA has outdone herself with ‘Back of the Uber’, and there is much to look forward to as the rest of her highly anticipated EP is debuted.

Listen to YARA on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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