Sarah Yagki – I Love You, I Lied

Heartbreak has never sounded so good as on the latest single from Sydney-based pop-rock artist, Sarah Yagki. Blending the raw emotion of indie rock with a pop sensibility, Yagki delivers a powerful anthem for anyone who’s ever had their heart shattered, in her recent release ‘I Love You, I Lied’.

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially during a pandemic, but the Wollongong Artist is tackling this difficult topic head-on in their new and powerful release. “I Love You, I Lied” The song is a heartfelt and honest reflection on the added complexities of ending a relationship while navigating the isolation and stress of COVID-19 lockdowns.

But don’t let the heavy subject matter fool you, this track is filled with catchy hooks and upbeat melodies that will have you head banging and possibly speeding down the highway if you aren’t careful. The chorus is particularly infectious, and the dynamic shifts in the music help to bring the emotional ups and downs of a breakup to life.

Whether you’re going through a breakup yourself or just need a dose of relatability, “I Love You, I Lied” is a must-listen. So turn up the volume, sing along, and know that you’re not alone. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming EP in March from Sarah!

Listen to Sarah Yagki on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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