Aya Yves – feeling small (let the light in)

If you’re the kind of person who stares out the window on the train, and imagines they are in their own coming of age movie, AYA YVES has written the song for you.’feeling small’ is the perfect way to soundtrack all the introspective feelings that can feel hard to contain, the swelling atmosphere mirroring the drama you feel in your soul.

Having already made a name for herself as a powerhouse vocalist, AYA YVES has redirected a lot of focus from her theatrical performances to a reflective and expressive lyrical tone. Her recent released ‘Dear E’ and ‘Brave’ showcased a rawness like no other, and while her songwriting has always had power and bite, ‘feeling small’ is certainly continuing on this train of vulnerability. A stand out for me in hearing this new release was the instrumental restraint in the chorus. AYA YVES has been a commander of dark tones and cut throat production in the past, however ‘feeling small’ embodies the beauty of strumming guitars and percussive textures

“I feel lightest when I feel insignificant, when I feel small in a big world”, AYA understands that there is true wonder in the world around us, and she understands the necessity of appreciating it while you can. ‘feeling small’ truely captures what it feels like to be in awe of your surroundings, to have the very human reaction of being overwhelmed by life, and learning how to be grateful to be just be a spec floating through endless space

Listen to AYA YVES on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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