Psychedelic Sydney dream-pop outfit MEMORY MOTEL have just released their breathtaking new release ‘BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT’; a track that has you getting completely lost in a soundscape of swelling reverbs.

Something that I really like about this track is the patience in structure, there isn’t this mad rush to get through each section, but rather the band ebbs and flows with the build from the drums. The bold punchy kit also plays a major role in communicating a message of building anxiety behind the moody guitars. The mid-point respite with Ruby’s vocals ‘breathe in, breath out’ fluttering in the distance gives the release a strong balance and reinforces the message of exhaling and setting free the weight of insecurity and negativity on your life.

The track is a refreshing take on dream rock and has a true sense of creativity weaved throughout each element. My only issue with this imaginative and gorgeous pop/rock hybrid is that it isn’t 10 minutes longer.

Listen to MEMORY MOTEL on Spotify and connect with them on Instagram

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