EDIE – Blame Me

Perths punk-rock princess EDIE has perfected the energy of a 90’s main character with her electrifying new release ‘Blame Me. Harnessing the quintessential catchiness required in a pop-punk anthem, EDIE has created something that will not only be in your head for hours, but will give you all the rebellious energy needed in your dramatic redemption arc.

‘Blame Me’ is the first release from the 22-year-old artist, the finessed sound being co-produced by Dylan Olliviere, and features a slew of perfectly grunged-up guitars and hard-hitting drums. A real stand out for this song is the intimacy that breaks through in the bridge; “I want you to know that I’m not your doll” is a desperately bold remark echoing around the swelling guitars. The lyricism in ‘Blame Me’ is consistently attention-grabbing and grounds the song well beyond thoughtless punk noise.

Should a Perth-based coming-of-age movie set in 1999 be on the radar of Hollywood writers, ‘Blame Me’ has cemented its spot on the pop-punk soundtrack.

Listen to EDIE on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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