CHUFI – Mental

Moving forth from the glitchy sci-fi production of her debut release ‘Voice in the Machine’, CHUFI is continuing the intergalactic vibes with the synth-heavy single ‘Mental’. 

CHUFI’s vocals are presented with an intimacy that we didn’t have from the first release, which is something that works really sensually with the minor-centred melodies. There is a lot of playfulness with the effects in ‘Mental’, the swelling reverbs and dramatic pans accentuate the song’s message of confusion and self-doubt. The Sydney based artist was inspired by 90’s trip-hop for the release and development of ‘Mental’, the unpredictable melodies and backing vocals feeling especially reminiscent of the style.  

‘Mental’ gives way for the debut EP from CHUFI, which is sure to continue these themes of experimentation and illusion. 

Listen to CHUFI on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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