Lévyne – I Don’t Think It’s Me

New Zealand pop sensation Lévyne is creating classics with her glittery individuality, with the latest track in her repertoire ‘I Don’t Think It’s Me’ harnessing the full capabilities of sonic texture in communicating a story. 

‘I Don’t Think It’s Me’ expresses a pretty clean cut story of understanding the other person isn’t right for you by no fault of your own and feels to me like an empowering message of understanding your value in a situation that makes you feel ‘not good enough’. The unique approach of spotlighting production experimentation in this track really highlights this core feeling of dysfunction in a relationship, the crazy effects adding to the internalised scream you feel when things are going wrong. 

Lévyne is making music that is fresh and interesting, trusting in the almost art-pop essence of Harry Charles’s production style, and designing something that is playful and exciting to listen to.

Listen to Lévyne on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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