Maisy Taylor – Be My Baby

Brissie’s Maisy Taylor is writing the quintessential young-love rock we all need in our life when summer starts to come to a close. 

‘Be My Baby’ is the completely lovely indie-rock track to soundtrack your lamentations when another year goes by, and you’ve missed out on summer love. There is such an infectious sincerity to Maisy’s writing like you can’t help but feel a deep sense of unadulterated beauty; it feels like when children hand each other handmade valentines day cards. 

‘Be My Baby’ is the perfect “stare out the window and pretend you’re in a rom-com” track, and the energy from the guitars and harmonies instantly put you in a good mood, possibly insinuating that summer is more of a mindset rather than a ticking clock on romance. 

Listen to Maisy Taylor on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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