JEWLS – All I Want

Germanic alt-pop sensation JEWLS recently released the ethereal and experimental new track ‘All I Want’, which toes the line between spooky and angelic so stylishly. 

JEWLS makes great use of drama in her vocal performance to convey an ongoing haunting sensation throughout the track, and the minimalistic approach to the production makes for an unsettlingly sparse atmosphere that feels dangerously easy to get lost in. Reminiscent of goth-pop acts like Grimes and Purity Ring, JEWLS has a lighter, un-oppressive tone that is dreamy and captivating.

‘All I Want’ feels like music that exists in a world adjacent to ours, it’s as if the ethereal writer JEWLS has captured a fragment of that dark elegance and has chosen to share it with us mortals. 

Listen to JEWLS on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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