Sweet Giant – Til’ You’re Blue

Trio Annie, Nick and Marco are on the cusp of releasing their first-ever EP project, beginning this chapter with the Americana-Esque release ’Til You’re Blue’. 

The Sweet Giant indie-rock group have perfected that classic grassroots vibe that instantly puts you in the mood for a road trip with your best friends. ’Til You’re Blue’ is an easy-going guitar-heavy track about keeping that inner engine running despite your surroundings getting darker and complicated, which is a sentiment well reflected in the bands’ conception over lockdown and pandemic blues. 

Pandemic restrictions forced the project to be DIY developed bedroom-producer style, which actually gives ’Til You’re Blue’ undeniable reliability and coziness which has me very excited to see the next chapter of the project. 

Listen to Sweet Giant Spotify and connect with her Instagram

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