Francis Eden – Fools Gold

Francis Eden is Sydneys Lana Del Rey, bringing to the scene her sultry, impassioned lyricism and candour through her indie-folk tunes. 

Eden’s latest release ‘Fools Gold’ is a brooding contemporary piece that you can imagine playing in the quiet hours of a jazz club while you contemplate your purpose and fixation on the rat race of life. Francis Eden makes cadence look effortless as she lets her stream of consciousness style of writing weave in between the gentle notes on the piano, her lyrics effectively conveying the mental exhaustion of trying so hard to make things work. 

Though laced in social critique, ’Fools Gold’ is quite a relaxing song to listen to, as Francis Eden has successfully created a space to feel somewhat relieved in a mutual understanding of underappreciation. 

Listen to Francis Eden on Spotify and connect with her Instagram

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