Mari – Rocky Mountain

If Ivoris is at the Disney, syrupy end of the sweet vocal spectrum, Mari might be down the line with her deceptively lovely vocal tone that sits amidst industrial and grungy alternative production.

The London artist is a self-proclaimed ‘reverb enthusiast’, and her self produced catalogue features an array of hybrid electro-pop, indie-rock music, her latest release ‘Rocky Mountain’ employing a generous servicing of grit within the edgy sonic atmosphere. The track plays of a vision the artist had about mountaineering, and how the mixture of risk, fear and beauty of the activity is not unlike the experience of pursuing your passions. 

Mari wanted to create something bold that celebrated the instinctive desire to trust your heart. The juxtaposition of her light vocals with the harsh electronic textures in ‘Rocky Mountain’ really plays into the overall message that the song communicates about balance when you’re mind is pulled in two directions.

Listen to Mari on Spotify and connect with her Instagram

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