Kate Cosentino – Prettiest Girl in the Room

Nashville act Kate Cosentino is bringing just the indie-pop tonic for anyone who has carried self-doubt into a room full of people, with her latest dreamy release ’Prettiest Girl in the Room’. 

The restrained opening of ‘PGITR’ is the perfect mellow vibe for Kate’s lyrics to float above as she narrates the honest feelings of insecurity around prettier people. The song sits in a delicate balance of acknowledging your own insecurity, while also having a mindfulness and appreciation for the ‘other’ in this gorgeous display of self-empowerment and mutual understanding. 

At the mid-way point of ‘PGITR’, right as the two parties are starting to really understand each other’s perspective, the instrumentation provides an explosion of colour as the track ramps up with the drums and horns, showcasing that Kate Cosentino manages to fit a pretty wide spectrum of emotion and narrative into a 3-minute track. 

Listen to Kate Cosentino on Spotify and connect with her Instagram

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