Fanchon – rsm SMiLE

After a handful of indie-pop adjacent 2020 releases, London’s Fanchon is pulling out all the punk-rock stops with her driving new release ‘rsm SMiLE’. The track is the first from the recent collaboration between herself and drummer/producer Frazer Holloway after the two bonded over a love of all things grunge. 

‘rsm SMiLE’ was written as a stream of consciousness inspired by the title itself, eventuating as a story of people-pleasing and self-reflection. 

The intersection of Fanchon’s powerful femininity and introspective lyricism with Frazer’s textured dark energy, makes for a layered experience with both the visual and sonic experience of ‘rsm SMiLE’, as an unknowledgeable lister may not expect to wander into such an impassioned environment. 

Listen to Fanchon on Spotify and connect with her Instagram

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