Alexa Perez – Cliché

Alexa Perez is putting her mind above her heart in her vulnerable and dynamically exciting new indie-pop release ‘Cliché’. After finding an audience of like-minded sad-girl Swifties with her debut release ‘Wondering’ in 2021, ‘Cliché’ takes a more driving approach to themes of heartbreak and emotional conflict. 

The effects on Perez’s vocals at the start of the track, blended with the very Lorde-inspired sampled-vocal rhythm, really sets up a continued sophistication for the rest of the 4-minute synth-pop release.

Which such gorgeous production choices in the track, ’Cliché’ does a great job of not overwhelming the listener with convoluted and vague lyrics, as Alexa gets straight to the point with her honest and almost confrontational defining lyric “I wish I could love you”. 

Listen to Alexa Perez on Spotify and connect with her Instagram

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