Gillian Rae Perry – A Reminder

One of the most generous pieces of music I have come across recently is the ethereal new release  ‘A Reminder’ from LA artist Gillian Rae Perry. Listening to this track truly feels like a gift from one human to another; a pure piece of art untarnished by the weight of expectation, completely designed to bring comfort to anyone who is hurting. 

The soundscape of ‘A Reminder’ is gorgeously textured and gentle and is completely capable of healing in someone in an intrinsically spiritual way. The simplicity of Gillian’s lyrics become a comforting mantra you can and should get lost in. 

The final lines of ‘A Reminder’, “people like me, people love me” are enough to genuinely move a listener to great transformation, and Gillian has been massively successful in creating one of the most beautiful songs I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. 

Listen to Gillian Rae Perry on Spotify and connect with her Instagram

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