Sahara Beck – Stillness

Queensland’s Sahara Beck never fails to pack a punch with her bold and emotive releases, ‘Stillness’ being the latest theatrical addition to her colourful catalogue. Written from a place of almost uncharacteristic vulnerability, ‘Stillness’ becomes a vessel of which to explore Sahara’s experiences of anxiety and panic

Sahara figuratively transports you into her world of mental claustrophobia, with the drive of the opening lines “traffic on the street, traffic in my mind, traffic in my soul” confirming to the listener that visual intensity in her writing is never compromised no matter the subject matter.

Sahara’s soft vocal performance is incredibly disarming, and beautifully juxtaposes the grunge of the backline that roars behind her. ’Stillness’ is a precursor to the much-anticipated EP from Sahara Beck, which is a project I personally can’t wait to finally hear 

Listen to Sahara Beck on Spotify and connect with her Instagram

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