Siorta – I Need Control (Demo)

Few face their inner demons by releasing catchy pop bangers about taking back control, but NYC’s Sirota has a deep-set love for R&B and the playfulness of writing and is using her craft to make sense of her inner self. ‘I Need Control (Demo)’ is a light-hearted and purposely unpolished release reflecting on wanting control over the parts of you that run wild, and features an adorably classic descending melody that will stay in your head for hours. 

Demo versions of tracks can sometimes have an incomplete sense to them, however the loose ends in this new release from Sirota feel more like added texture to capture the sense of anxiety and imperfection that mental stress can create in your life, and the artist also felt that this kind of format felt like an ode to her inner child. 

‘I Need Control (Demo)’ feels a little like an Olivia Rodrigo, BENEE crossroads, and Sirota is proving that you don’t need everything to be polished to perfection when the heart of the track is so concrete strong. 

Listen to Sirota on Spotify and connect with them on Instagram

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