The Pricky Pair – Rosemary

Fans of Julia Jacklin and the lonely hours of a closing bar at 2am are bound to get around the debut release from the angsty American duo Prickly Pair titles ‘Rosemary’. Awash with a melancholy slow waltz feel to it, the haunting and heartbroken release comes from a story seldom told; that of the forgotten Kennedy sister Rosemary. 

Having been inspired by the tragic story of a sister lobotomised and left to fade in an institution, The Prickly Pair came to develop the folk-rock track about otherness, isolation, and rebellion. The drama in Irene Green’s vocals provide just the amount of theatricality that is needed for the storytelling in this dreamy release, and Mason Summit’s production and instrumentation play a major part in transporting you to a dusty Americana landscape. 

The duo is striving to connect to a pure expression of country rooted musicianship, and ‘Rosemary’ is certainty taking them there

Listen to The Prickly Pair on Spotify and connect with them on Instagram

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