HURU – Guilty

If you’ve ever had a desire to see WILLOW, The 1975 and Vulfpeck collaborate, the new release ‘Guilty’ from UK’s alternative-pop artist HURU will quench all your cravings for that bold, dreamy, groove. The catchy, new release from London based HURU was an emotionally cathartic piece for the artist to write as they document their experience of betrayal in a relationship

This track is a stand out in HURU’s ability to mash together a spectrum of genres, as well as reminding us of the importance of art to be a gateway to emotional maturity and understanding.

Something I find really fascinating about ‘Guilty’ is HURU’s confidence in funkified dream-pop to carry their bold and confrontational verses, which is something you’re more likely to see in R&B and Hip-Hop. To me, this signifies HURU’s versatility as a writer and performer, and their ability to create something truly fresh. 

Listen to HURU on Spotify and connect with them on Instagram

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