Clara Moschetta – Fear Of Flight

UK’s Clara Moschetta has been pushing the boundaries of Pop with her heartfelt and honest musical catalogue, and her latest release ‘Fear Of Flight’ fits perfectly into her tapestry of vulnerable expression. ‘Fear Of Flight’ touches on a brushed over consequence of COVID lockdowns- the emotional toll on artists once unable to share their creativity. 

With lyrics that tumble out from a place of hurt and confusion, and a delicately balanced washed out piano backline, ‘Fear Of Flight’ speaks directly into that place of losing your purpose and having seemingly no control over your surroundings.

Coming from a colourful background of musical influences from Jazz to Musical Theatre, Clara Moschetta aims to include a theatrical flair in her song writing, and often develops her music from a foundation that explores social commentary, and emotionally charged topics. 

Though being written from feelings of hardship, ‘Fear Of Flight’ doesn’t leave the listener in a place of giving up, and the final notes of the piano ultimately have a hopeful tone that carries with it a sense of understanding and courage for the next chapter

Listen to Clara Moschetta on Spotify and connect with her Instagram

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