Music Video – The Miller Test – “Southend Vic”

If you’ve ever had a fisherman-themed nightmare of David Lynch proportions, London band The Miller Test have just the psychedelic, shoegaze release for you. ‘Southend Vic’ is the latest dreamy single from the ‘feminised Radiohead’ group, and works as an unexpectedly confessional and down-tempo release when compared to their 2020 album ‘This Funk Is Political’.

The soupy, organ-heavy indie rock song is what soundtracks a montage of surreal scenes of haunted pubs, freaky fish, and fashionably monochromatic clowns. I love the splash of raincoat yellow to break up the dreary UK skyline, and add to the overall feeling of things being not-quite-right; it feels reminiscent of British spooky-town motifs in Hot Fuzz and episodes of Doctor Who. 

‘Southend Vic’ has a strangely comforting feel to it, the lead vocals riding in this airy register that floats above the grunge in the guitars and bass, and though accompanied by a slightly unsettling music video, The Miller Test have truly succeeded in creating a dreamy soft-rock experience you can float away into; as long as you keep your eyes closed 

Watch the video in all its glory here!

Listen to The Miller Test on Spotify and connect with them on Instagram

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