DULCIE – Medicate Me

The debut single ‘Medicate Me’ from Birmingham Pop artist DULCIE is solidifying modern Electro-Funk as the sound to define a new generation of groovy contemporary ladies in the pop world. Sitting somewhere in between Dua Lipa and BENEE, the electrifying new single from DULCIE is pointed and honest as it rides on the back of a feel-good groove.

‘Medicate Me’ is gorgeously catchy, with a message that details DULCIE’s experience with medication as a person suffering from mental illness, a topic that continues to resonate with many people. The genre-blending groove combined with the mixed tonality in the chords makes for track that feels dreamy, yet teetering on sinister

As she finishes up her degree in songwriting at BIMM, DULCIE isn’t wasting any time to make her name known, and is eager to put into practice her writing as a fine-tuned craft.  

Listen to DULCIE on Spotify and connect with her Instagram

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