EP Spotlight – ESSA V – ‘Another Life’

Austin based electro-pop powerhouse ESSA V is opening strong with her killer debut EP ANOTHER LIFE; a self-aware and honest exploration of growth-inspiring relationships, packaged on an eclectic array of retro sounds. 


ESSA V wastes no time in setting the scene for the project to come with the dramatic opening track ‘WHEN YOU DREAM YOUR SOUL GROWS BACK’; a fast-paced house track with enough electronic effects and driving percussion to get fully hyped for whatever life throws at you. The track is designed to be a sonic suit of armour as you go into the world, and self-reflection on the importance of being there for yourself. 


The tone shifts in ‘FOSSIL’ as we are introduced to a story of relationship disintegration, which is a theme represented beautifully through a more industrial approach to the electronic production. The brooding (and in some ways painful) track really encompasses the aftermath of an ended relationships, the motif of fossilised remains being constantly dug up is such a visually potent metaphor that it leaves the track fresh in your mind  


‘BETTER ONLINE’ follows in strong suit on the project with its glittery tongue-in-cheek observation of self-depreciation, and a mannequin boyfriend thrown in the mix. The futuristic, Charli XCX-esque hyper-pop track blends our favourite retro-80’s sounds with the all-consuming internet culture that Gen Z and Millenials are in tune with. The humour sprinkled throughout this track really adds to the light-hearted essence of this opening number, lines like “what I need is your hands on me, figuratively” set the tone for an EP packed with fantastic sounds and memorable lyrics. 


The intricate details of ‘RADIO SILENCE’ makes it feel like a love letter to the experimental nature of electronic production as it ebs and flows in this down-tempo soupy world. The track explores moments of realising that you have to stop texting back, and ultimately knowing that there is a better, more forgiving galaxy that awaits you and your alien spaceship. I particularly love the effects on the lead vocal in this track, the supernatural bends and wavers on the voice as ESSA V travels between the chords in the instrumental. 

The entire ‘ANOTHER LIFE’ project is one of creative exploration and honest realisation, and it is truely a gift to be able to share in ESSA V’s expression of self and her experiences. The entire soundscape is unique and interesting, and makes me so excited to see how ESSA V challenges herself and continues to grow for the next creative pursuit she embarks on

Listen to ESSA V on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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