Fake Dad – John Cusack

Fake Dad – John Cusack

Packed with cute sparkly goodness is the new Fake Dad release ‘John Cusack’ which will have you getting lost in the make-shift club you’ve created in your bedroom. Intricately laced with retro effects, the track doesn’t overload your senses in part due to the intrinsically grounded qualities of Andrea’s alternative-indie-esque vocal tonality. 

‘John Cusack’ is a fun bedroom house-pop love song that reflects on the melodramatic emotions associated with 80’s heartthrobs. It serves as an ode to bright fast-paced Drum n Bass House music, however still upholding this dreamy romantic quality. 

While having a clear focus on the teenage fantasy pop-star romance motif that many young people succumb to, ‘John Cusack’ has this message of simplicity and bliss that prevails in a young-love situation, something that many of us can come to crave later in life. If music has the power to transport you, perhaps this new release by Fake Dad can take you to back to a time of unabashed teenage love. 

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