Nia J – Hazy

‘Hazy’ is the dreamy R&B introduction to Nia J’s EP of self-reflection titled ‘Rabbit Hole’; an atmospheric tapestry of her lyricism and groove. This release has a backbone in summery beats and fluttering vocal inflections, which allows Nia J to play with her melodies in a rhythmic allusion to rap and spoken word. The pre-chorus includes a moment where the line “but don’t it feel…” lingers without the obvious conclusion of the word ‘good’, which is a tiny detail that feels so gorgeously potent when it’s contextualised in an entire album of self-exploration and introspection. The idea of admittance that something outside of your societal expectations could feel good (whether that be sexuality, career aspirations) creates such a deep intimacy into the mind and experience of the artist. ‘Hazy’ feels both light-hearted and personal, and acts as a really grooving high point to the rest of Nia J’s soulful self-expression in the ‘Rabbit Hole’ EP.

Listen to Nia J on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

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