Sophie Edwards – Afterthought

Canberra songwriter, and all-round goddess of music, Sophie Edwards has finally released her impassioned debut EP ‘Feel Again Soon’, with the perfect heart-breaking emo-fuelled midpoint in ‘Afterthought’. The powerfully solemn release is a pure display of candid desperation packaged in delicate lyricism and haunting melodies as Edwards explores the painful aftermath of unreciprocated romance.

The rising nature of the chord structure that comes to rest on this devastating minor at the end of every rotation leaves you feeling a graduating sense of hope that is constantly growing and being destroyed. There is such a captivating essence of honesty in this track, the raw textures in the strings and piano are so cinematic against Sophie’s matter-of-fact lyrical approach to feeling unimportant and left behind. The wizardry behind Sophie’s writing is nothing short of severally emotive, and I extend an emotional content warning to any fragile listeners who are about to embark on listening to ‘Afterthought’.

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