Jeffe – Home

Jeffe has been making waves in the Australian scene for the last few years, and her new single ‘Home’ fits seamlessly into her catalogue of infectious tunes. Returning with firm, low strikes on the piano, and airy choirs, Jeffe’s fingerprints are all over this new track, having crafted a dancey pop number that’s full of light and energy. ‘Home’ is Jeffe at her most honest, and comes as a hopeful breath of fresh air in a circumstance that felt dark and claustrophobic. The chorus in ‘Home’ is everything you want from a classic indie-pop track, effortlessly blending emotion, drive, and joyfulness, and you can’t help but want to put the windows down and scream along to it. ‘Home’ is evidence that Jeffe is a force to be reckoned with, and it goes without saying that we’re so happy she’s Home.

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