These are the tracks I’ve been loving this week!

Wait, Create – Enrose

A key ingredient that makes a great musician is the fine balance of productivity and keeping yourself creatively refreshed, and it’s in this space that Enrose has developed the funky retro-soul track ‘Wait, Create’.  Not only is this song a fun and energetic release, there’s a depth to the lyrics that outline the importance of taking a step back from the draining world of hustle culture and focusing on success; Enrose is imploring that an artist must first and foremost nurture their creative spirit. The saxophone in this track is a real treat as it stands next to the sweet and wavey melodies of Gabi’s vocal lines, and the groove of the band backs up this casual contemporary R&B vibe with confidence and style. ‘Wait, Create’ is infectious, and you’ll struggle to stop yourself from grooving along to the beat and the energy behind what Enrose have created

Listen to Enrose on Spotify and connect with them on Instagram

Hands On My Body – Molly Green

In a world of elbow hand-shakes and zoom calls, the neo-soul track ‘Hands On My Body’ from London based artist Molly Green is the sultry remedy for the touch-starved romanticist. With polished R&B intuition, and silky vocal inflections, Molly Green is once again showcasing her musical literacy and creativity with this release. The chords in the bridge of ‘Hands On My Body’ create a dangerously hot transition into the punchy remixed production of the ending section, causing the momentum of the track to never slow down. This release is a playful and groovy suggestion of intimacy within a relationship that isn’t going to last, with a mix of sensuality in the lyrics, and a beat that feels like summer nights. ‘Hands On My Body’ is a precursor to the forthcoming EP of Molly Green, so needless to say there is high anticipation for the next sizzling number from this songstress

Listen to Molly Green on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

Carrie & Big – Naama Guggenheim

Fans of neo soul queens like Erykah Badu, Janet Jackson, and Jorja Smith will froth over the new release ‘Carrie & Big’ from Israeli artist Naama Guggenheim. The dreamy retro synthesisers blended with the glitchy backing vocals and crackly atmosphere are a perfect backdrop to Naama Guggenheim’s intimate and candid vocals as she sweeps you away with lyrics alluding to heartbreak and confusion. Inspired by the seemingly perfect relationships we see in movies and sitcoms, ‘Carrie & Big’ focuses on the daunting feeling that a real life relationship isn’t quite living up to the expectations. With such a lush and percussive foundation, Naama Guggenheim has crafted a really dreamy track with plenty of textures to marvel at. ‘Carrie & Big’ is gentle and confident, and Naama Guggenheim stands out among all that expression as a storyteller with an essence of restraint and charm.

Listen to Naama Guggenheim on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

Summertime Fine – Dazey Lee

Atlanta based soul queen Dazey Lee is focusing on all things positive with her anthem of self-love ‘Summertime Fine’. With dirty bass lines and a posse of powerful backing singers, ‘Summertime Fine’ has taken bits and pieces of all the greatest R&B funk tracks of the late 90’s, and become something new with a strong message of body positivity and celebration. After a year of isolation in lockdown, Dazey Lee is calling bodies of all shapes and sizes to throw it back on the dance floor! It’s especially beautiful to have such an openly positive song like ‘Summertime Fine’ considering the anxiety a lot of people have around the current state of their physical appearance after such a difficult year, so Dazey Lee is putting all those happy vibes back into the atmosphere as her invitation to get the party started.

Listen to Dazey Lee on Spotify an connect with her on Instagram

I’m So Broke – Taylor B-W

Cancelled gigs and depleting funds were the catalyst for the bouncy pop track ‘I’m So Broke’ from Sydney indie writer Taylor B-W. This track fuses the polished production chops of accomplished producer Quinn with Taylor’s upbeat delivery of a pretty upsetting period that musicians and creators have been enduring over the last 18 months. ‘I’m So Broke’ is a bubbly and dynamic take on the “woe is me” narrative, the way someone at the very end of their rope might have to just laugh in the ever growing face of snowballing adversity and hardship. The “la-di-da” hook in the chorus of ‘I’m So Broke’ is an ear worm bound to be stuck in your head for hours, and will help encourage you to dance all your burdens away, and with Australia’s track record of being plunged endlessly into the unknown, this song is bound to retain ongoing relevancy

Listen to Taylor B-W on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

New York – Kritters

Transatlantic electro duo Kritters have crafted the dreamy new release ‘New York’; a track that washes you in the nostalgic texture of a world you don’t even have to know to indulge in. Its warmth draws you in and paints a clear picture of this tangible environment glazed in longing and melancholy, making you feel like it was your childhood experience to grow up overhearing the hustle and bustle of the city landscape. The romance of the instrumentation in ‘New York’ is elegant and characteristic, and the poetic backbone of the lyrics performed in this candid vocal style have a comforting grace to it. Kritters are duo built on principals of curiosity and liberation, and ‘New York’ is a heartfelt telling of the incomprehensible beauty that can only be discovered in retrospection

Listen to Kritters on Spotify and connect with them on Instagram

Cascade – Alas de Liona

Alas di Liona has mastered the art of storytelling rooted in earnest composure, ‘Cascade’ being a shining example of stretching and honouring minimalism in production to convey intense vulnerability. This song is breathtakingly beautiful and emotionally driven, but with an unmistakable and almost regal serenity that makes you feel as if you’ve peered into the world of a heart broken queen. The speckled glitch texture among the warmth of the electric piano creates a bed of vast openness for Alas di Liona to sing over, and the air in the harmonies and the inclusion of a restrained mid-range organ really paints this angelic and light picture. The soundscape in ‘Cascade’ is so gentle, that even the introduction of the drums feels natural in this misty landscape, and Alas di Liona truly feels in command of it all.

Listen to Alas de Liona on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

Firefly – Lucija

Do you remember what you were doing when you were 12? I certainty wasn’t stringing together anything as poetic and expressive like what Lucija has developed with her debut release ‘Firefly’. With a backdrop of soft rain, and Lucija’s vocal presence echoing against the walls, ‘Firefly’ is a tranquil expression of vivid desperation brought about from her observations and experiences amidst the global COVID crisis. Produced with a sense of purity and intimacy with the inclusion of unintentional and natural atmospheric textures like mouse clicks, ‘Firefly’ is a vulnerable track about personal struggle and emotional depth. With pointed and stark sentiments like in this precious track, Lucija is making big waves as a young artist who has already tapped into a well of emotive feelings that are sure to continue bleeding throughout her song writing and musical career

Listen to Lucija on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

Canary – Piano – Howlite

Melbourne based electro-pop outfit Howlite have generously gifted listeners this stripped back version of their throbbing dark release ‘Canary’, giving a whole new take on its poetic contents. Originally packed with attitude a little grunge, the reimagined telling of ‘Canary’ harnesses the vulnerability that was always residing between the lines. Alison’s vocals in this exposed version are like we have never heard them before, raw and emotive, flickering in between the trembling core of the electric piano. The soundscape in ‘Canary’ aren’t without the polished and sparse production fingerprints we love from Howlite who have used song writing as a vessel for emotional catharsis and introspection since its genesis, however this particular method of story creation isn’t one we have come to expect from them before, indicating how special it is for them to give their listeners.  

Listen to Howlite on Spotify and connect with them on Instagram

One You Haven’t Used – Kaylyn Marie

New York based folk songstress Kaylyn Marie has gracefully crafted a narrative of heart-ache and self-discovery with her new EP ‘Forget Me Not’, opening this journey with a gorgeous introduction in ‘One You Haven’t Used’. A glimmering ode to the infectiously candid writing style of poetic geniuses like Joni Mitchell, ‘One You Haven’t Used’ is an outpouring of grief and self-reflection amidst brokenness, but lands in a place of hope. The simplicity of the guitar plucks and soft atmospheric textures provide so much space and really allow Kaylyn’s personality to shine in her vocal performance. The melodies in Kaylyn’s writing are effortlessly constructed into the organic flow of the unobtrusive bass and drums, and her message of emotional proclamation and desire for healing are forefront and establish the overall tone for the rest of her impassioned record

Listen to Kaylyn Marie on Spotify and connect with her on Instagram

Hear all the top tracks in the Spotify playlist below!

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