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Music has been married to the human experience ever since our bodies developed the ability to extend our vocal range beyond grunting. Whether it’s to tell stories, process emotion, or learn the alphabet, music has played an important role in learning and communicating with one another, as well as developing a sense of community.

Musicians and songwriters are constantly using their music to communicate, I personally use songwriting as a justification for all the stupid situations I get myself into.

My name is Ella and I haven’t been songwriting for very long. I own 13 notebooks with random lyrical content, and literally hundreds of voice memos that I will probably never listen to (even if they seemed like pure genius at 3am). I released a 6 track EP in November of 2017, and am desperate to learn as much about songwriting as possible.

I find that the best way to learn about anything is through understanding the process of others so this blog will document what I learn from other songwriters through discussions about the process, meaning, and the people behind the music that inspires me.


I hope you enjoy the conversations I have with the talented and inspiring musicians, songwriters, and producers I come across, and that we can all learn something about how to write better songs



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